Personalised Lanyards for Effective Brand Promotion


It’s likely that you’ve seen lanyards all over the place from school days to now. Be it at the office, gym, hospital or school, you’ll see hundreds of thousands of people with lanyards. They might be colourful, business oriented, personalised or even a part of uniform. The usefulness and widespread nature of lanyards is the exact reason why businesses offer brand specific lanyards. This can be lanyards that are given out for promotional events, or lanyards given out to the clients, or even handed out to workers, as an informal uniform, which you may have seen at retail stores.

Over time, lanyards have morphed into a very effective marketing tool. They are easy to manufacture, cost effective and can carry your logo around on people’s necks to be seen.

Here are a few reasons why lanyards should be your next marketing choice.

Everyone Needs Them

People use lanyards to carry their keys, students use it for thier ID’s, professionals use them to enter and exit offices, and some people even use them to carry badges or artefacts they need for work.

Because lanyards have such a practical use, the people you give it to, aren’t likely to put it in their pockets and toss them in the bin. They’ll realise how useful lanyards are and then start using them, becoming a walking billboard for your logo.

Everyone Can See Them

Every time someone picks up your lanyard and wears it, they remember and think  to themselves about your brand, and as they wear it, other people see it too.  Even if the person wearing the lanyard only interacts with people at work,  that’s still free brand exposure.

Affordable Choice

Lanyards are a lot cheaper than other marketing mediums. Things like advertising billboards, commercials and internet advertisements are expensive, tie consuming and often need other people involved. On the other hand, lanyards are cheap, easy to make and easy to design. Unlike online marketing, lanyards are a physical representation of your brand, and this can incur trust with consumers.

 Easy to Design & Make

Even if you realise you need lanyards for an event at the last minute, they are easy to manufacture, you don’t have to wait months or weeks to receive them.  All you have to do is choose a design you want for your lanyard, and what style of lanyard you want. From here, you can choose where your brand logo and messaging appear and you’ll be all set.

Most manufacturers can make your lanyards and ship them to you within a week or two, and this turnaround time appeals to many business owners for its flexibility. Pls check our site

 The Verdict

If you’re in the market for cheap, easy, interesting, branded marketing, a set of promotional lanyards is a great start. They are versatile and can be handed out at community gatherings, the workplace, events, schools or even stores.

An effective marketing tool, promotional lanyards should be on your list for new promotional marketing material in the future.