What to buy- Pre-inked stamp or rubber stamp?


The market has custom stamp options ranging from Rubber Stamps in Melbourne to hand-craved stamps. Well, this article is completely dedicated to only 2 types of stamps where one is rubber stamps, and another is pre-inked stamps. Here we want to give a clear idea about [whether to buy a rubber or pre-inked stamp. If you have tasks where you need repetitive, quick stamping, then this blog is perfect for you.  

Differentiating between pre-inked stamps and rubber stamp

When you listen torubber stamps in Melbourne, you clearly understand custom stamps. The rubber stamps are produced by laser engraving the design onto the stamp rubber and then mounting the rubber on FSC certified block with a super strong adhesive. The rubber stamps come in different sizes, from small to extra large. You also require an additional ink pad with rubber stamps.

On the other side, pre-inked stamps contain combined ink. The production process of the pre-inked process uses a flash machine to sear the design’s negative space onto the rubber plate. The pre-inked stamps have a built-in reservoir filled with ink with the choice of your colour.

When you depress the stamp, the ink will flow throughout the printable areas of the design. This is why the pre-ink stamp delivers a crisp and accurate impression. This is the perfect stamping option that makes you able to capture the small detailing. So, it comes in the size range and can be refilled with the ink once. Overall it is an easy stamp to use.

How to decide which custom stamp is right for you?

If you are looking at the price perspective, there is a small difference between the 2 types of custom stamps we offer. If you have a tight budget, you will choose one cheaper than the other. However, pricing is not the only factor. There are more factors to consider, such as the surface you want to stamp, the stamping amount and the design or stamping size. After all these things, it comes to your preferences for your pick. Here we have more options to decide which stamp is right for you.

Scenarios when rubber stamps work best for you

  • If you want to stamp on surfaces, for example, wood, fabric, corrugated cardboard and all, then the rubber stamp is a perfect choice. Rubber Stamps give better control and clear, crisp impressions. 
  • The biggest benefit of choosing a rubber stamp is you can use this in multiple colour options. You can use different ink colours according to the demands. This is a versatile tool as compared to the pre-inked stamp.
  • If you want to make things look more aesthetic and attractive, rubber stampsare always a good choice.

Scenarios hen pre-inked stamp works better.

  • If you require a crisp & precise impression every time, a pre-inked stamp is great. It gives an accurate and consistent result. This is perfect for designing with lots of small text.
  • Self-inking stamps are good if you want to make a mess-free impression. It also works great when stamping on flat & smooth surfaces. The pre-inked stamps are unsuitable for rough materials or curved surfaces.
  • Do you want to print in one colour? The pre-inked stamps can be refilled with ink, but you can’t change the colour. 
  • If you plan to stamp on large-volume papers, pre-inked stamps are a good option. This is the ergonomic option you can choose. Along with that, it is quick to use.

After concluding the above content, it’s your turn to decide what you want.

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