Crossbody Bags vs. Tote Bags: Which Is Best for Your Needs? 


We, women, can’t do without our handbags. Try as we might, being hands-free in a busy world where we don’t get pockets in our pants is much more fun than holding a wallet everywhere we go. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We have to find the right bag, and then make the investment in bags that are long-lasting and made of high quality, with women choosing designer bags for this very reason. 

But which style of bag suits you the most? When it comes to this question, the real choice is between two key styles: crossbody bags or tote bags. Within these styles there are many luxury options, you have crossbody clutches, and leather tote bags for work, the options are endless. 

So here’s a comparison to help you make an informed decision. 

Crossbody Bags: Less is More

Crossbody bags are one of the most common styles of bags for women on the go. They can be placed depending on your comfort. You can have it over your shoulder, across your shoulder, you can even take a clutch and turn it into a crossbody bag. Or buy a manipulative strap for a cross-body turned shoulder bag. This really is a very versatile bag that has remained trending in various styles for decades now. 

There are some things to consider when you want to purchase a crossbody bag. The main thing is durability. When you buy luxury, opting for leather is the best choice, as it’s just going to be made to last, and when you’re busy running around, you will want peace of mind. The other thing to keep in mind is that crossbody bags do come in various sizes, but they never get bigger than A4. One of the best-known styles of crossbody bags is the flam bag from Chanel and the monogrammed crossbody from Louis Vuitton Australia.

Here’s the information to consider when It comes to crossbody bags: 

Straps: Often they have one strap, giving it greater flexibility to carry. However, it doesn’t open as widely as two-strap bags. 

Materials: Often soft and made in either leather or nylon or sustainable substitutes. 

Size: The crossbody is always smaller, and can be worn to formal events or daily life when carrying less. 

Purpose: Can be used the day to night, formal or informal depending on the material, make and style. Not made for storage. 

Shape: The look of the bag goes from traditional rectangular to square, circular and crescent-shaped to name a few. 

Tote Bags: The Essential Carry-All

Tote bags are some of the most commonly seen bags by young people these days. They’re light, versatile and can pretty much hold everything. For many, a durable leather tote bag is. perfect for travel, whether it be to work, overseas or more. You can fit your book, laptop, water bottle, phone charger, and everything else you can think of. If you want to look casual go for a canvas tote, if you want to look more done up, grab a leather tote. 

Here’s what to consider before buying: 

Straps: It has two straps and also functions as a shopper due to how easy it is to place items inside.

Material: Often made in canvas material for a cheaper option, the leather options are more structured and sleeker.

Size: Tote bags are often A4 sized or above, designed to carry more, with fewer pockets. 

Shape: the shape is often rectangular, with one or two pockets near the handles.

Purpose: these are a carry-all, made to move all your items at once. 

Now that you know the value and difference between these two bags, it’s now up to you to start shopping around. It may seem daunting at first, but just stick to your personal style, remember which bag style you prefer and you’ll be ready to make a purchase!