How Should A Man Dress For The Winter Weather


If you are a woman who has to put up with a man who doesn’t know how to dress for winter, this article is for you.

Winter clothing for men is fashionable but they don’t know how to style it. They just think wearing extra layers to their outfit is the perfect solution when in reality, they look like they have grabbed random clothes out of the wardrobe and thrown them on. If you know a man who is exactly like this, it is worth giving them some styling tips. If you are a man who needs styling tips, you have come to the right place.

Layering Is Key

Wearing extra layers is a must but wearing these layers correctly is something many men struggle with. Firstly, winter fashion is the time of year when men swap thin clothes for thicker garments. Slim clothes should be swapped with relaxed fitted clothing and lightweight garments should be swapped with heavyweight clothes. However, this isn’t always the case with layering.

For your first layer, this needs to be slim-fitted. It gives you the extra room to wear other layers. So, pick a t-shirt or shirt that is well-fitted to your body so you can wear bigger and thicker garments over the top.

The positive to layering like this is you can take off the extra layer, allowing you to cool down. Sometimes, you don’t know what temperature to expect outside.

Each layer is also something you can wear on its own. Plus, you must ensure that the outer layers are longer than the inner layers. For example, you shouldn’t have a shirt sticking out from underneath your sweater. Tuck your shirt in so it isn’t hanging lower than your jumper.

Make Sure You Stick To More Than Three Colours

That is something else that a lot of men can get wrong. You need to pick two or three colours for your outfit. Any more would just look out of place with the rest of the outfit.

It doesn’t mean you can’t wear more than three different shades of the same colour. Different shades are something that can take your outfit to the next level.

Utilise Mid Layers

Utilising mid-layers is something else you need to keep in mind. Many men will wear the middle layer to keep them warm however, they also need to wear it for style. Don’t just wear one large coat over your T-shirt to keep you warm. Consider wearing a wool sweater with a jacket over the top. Plus, it is much easier to regulate your body temperature when doing this.

Middle layers are anything that you would wear over the top of a t-shirt. This includes sweaters, hoodies and anything else you would wear over your bottom layer. With your middle layer, you can either be bold with this piece or you can aim for simplicity. If you want that extra warmth, you must wear a middle layer during the peak of winter.

Different Winter Fabrics

The fabrics which you wear during winter are much different to summer. Yes, you can still wear the same clothes but you won’t be as warm compared to winter fabrics. Cotton is one of those fabrics which can be worn in both summer and winter. Nevertheless, the role of cotton during winter isn’t to keep warm. It allows other fabrics to breathe as this will usually be your middle or inner layer.

Flannel is another common fabric to be worn during winter. Flannel is a material that consists of cotton, nylon and polyester fibres. Then the item of clothing will be napped which gives it that appearance and feeling that it has. Due to this, the item isn’t too heavy but will keep you warm.

Wool is the final material which you need for your winter outfit. That could be a woollen pea coat, pants, sweater or a suit. Wool is the perfect material for keeping you warm during winter. Furthermore, wool is perfect for both outer and middle layers, depending on the item of clothing you are wearing.

To Conclude

Wearing winter clothes is an absolute must for the colder weather. However, it is something that men always struggle with when trying to find something to wear. They just think that style can be thrown out the window, just so they stay warm. We know not all men have this issue which is why the less fashionable men should look at the more fashionable ones for outfit inspiration.

It is no longer the season for utility trousers. It is the season for classy but warm outfits that are suitable for all occasions. That could be strolling around the Christmas markets with your partner or going to an important business meeting. Men’s winter fashion is all about looking stylish without sacrificing warmth.