What to Consider When Seeking Affordable Conveyancing


One important thing to consider when buying or selling a property is choosing a trusted conveyancer. It can entail the difference between good and bad service. 

Several years ago, sellers and buyers were likely to go to a local conveyancing firm in their area as it’s more convenient, location-wise. Not just that, another catalyst of this is that they perhaps noticed some marketing campaign for that firm. 

Today, the number of conveyancing firms in Australia has increased, in which even online legal services are already available. Such swift change made it easier to see why people tend to have issues or are confused in finding a good but affordable conveyancing service. 

Fortunately, there is no need to stress yourself too much. This guide will help you understand what things you need to consider when looking for a good and affordable conveyancing service in Sydney. 

The Difference Between Conveyancing Solicitor vs Licensed Conveyancing 

The difference between the two is that a conveyancing solicitor is fully trained in legal services, yet specialises in conveyancing. A licensed conveyancer, on the other hand, is only trained in conveyancing. Both are legal professionals that offer similar services—handling payments, transferring deeds and making sure you become the legal owner of the new property you buy. 

About Conveyancing 

The administrative process that occurs behind the scenes during a transfer of property from one person to another is referred to as conveyancing. A qualified conveyancing solicitor sees to it that the seller has a legitimate title that can be transferred to the buyer during payment. The solicitor will also manage the process of such transfer, may it be through the seller’s bank or directly to them. 

It is highly important that this process be fulfilled properly and accurately. Only then can a buyer, who has paid the property, be complacent enough and obtain the rightful legal rights that can’t be questioned in the future. 

Things to Consider When Looking for an Affordable Conveyancing

It’s an important step to consider some key factors when you’re about to choose a service like conveyancing which is also a form of property law in Sydney to make sure they are reliable, efficient, affordable and experienced. Below are things you need to consider.

  • Credentials and certifications 

One thing to know if you’re dealing with trusted professionals is through their credentials. Check if the firm you are dealing with is accredited; otherwise, move on. Don’t get intimidated and ask them questions regarding their qualifications, including the recent conveyancing cases they’ve handled with. It’ll surely give you insights as to whether to hire them or not. 

  • Customer reviews 

One of the best ways to know about how good a company’s overall reputation is, is through reviews. This way, you’ll know different experiences from previous customers, and if the positive outweighs the negative ones. 

Considering almost all companies today have online presence of some sort, and conveyancing firms are no exception, you can easily Google their ratings, reviews and other feedback types. From there, you can decide with ease which one to choose. 

Online reviews can provide you vital data about the conveyancing service you’re eyeing. So, its power shouldn’t be underestimated. 

  • Price 

Fair enough, price is one of the most important matters to consider when choosing an affordable conveyancing service. While some are looking for budget-friendly service, some are looking for the best deals and are willing to pay extra for optimum service. 

Regardless, the key here is you’re aware of what is included in your quote—are there any extras you are expected to pay, and when are the due dates of these payments? Make sure to inform your chosen conveyancing firm to break down the quote. Doing so will let you know what is and isn’t included in the service.  

  • Effectiveness

Wanting the process of transferring your house to be as quickly as possible is understandable, yet it isn’t often feasible. Inform your conveyancing firm if you have a deadline to beat so they can determine if it’s practical. The average completion time often takes around 9-10 weeks. Simple purchases can take within 6 weeks, yet it’s not usually the case. 

Be it longer than 6 weeks is because there are other things involved like searches and documents being backed up. So, make sure to communicate with your conveyancing service regarding your circumstance and timescales. This way, you’ll know the likelihood of your move date. 

  • Innovation 

For you to know what’s happening with your transaction, many conveyancers today have accessible portals that you can access. Majority can send automated text or email whenever a milestone has been achieved, like your queries being responded to, you’ve paid your deposit, and so on. 

More and more people find this reassuring as you’re being informed with changes. Ask your conveyancing firm if they are utilising such technology. 

  • Ask family members and friends 

Your family and friends are great sources of trusted recommendations. For sure, at some point, they have been through the process of house buying, hence their suggestions can be valuable. 

Through this, if they have poor experience from a firm you’re shortlisting, you know you can scratch them out in that instant. 

  • Build rapport 

Before you decide on everything, ensure that your conveyancing service is someone you can count on and trust. They should be able to establish rapport with you, and from there build trust.  Also, following your intuition, sensing that they can be bad news is completely okay. 

It is recommended to meet your conveyancer before you decide to hire them. As email communication isn’t enough to tell if you would like to hire them or not, conduct an in person interview. 


To top it off, selecting an affordable conveyancing solicitor is not as-easy-as-falling-off-a-log kind of task. To hire a good and economical one, you need to consider multiple things before making a concluding decision. Nonetheless, if you do research well and be inquisitive enough, finding exactly what you’re looking for isn’t a hundred-to-one.