Kids Will Love Going to the Dentist with These Tips


As a parent or carer, you know dentistry is essential to help children come to terms with oral health and keep their teeth and gums ready for growing. But just because you know it’s time to take them to the dentist, doesn’t mean the process will be easy. Once you’ve found a kid’s friendly dentist, all you have to do is make the process as smooth as you can for your little ones.

Here are the tips to get your children happily in the dentist’s chair sooner. 

Start Sooner Rather Than Later

Going  to the dentist’s office early can give the dentist a chance to teach you how to brush your child’s teeth. They also have the opportunity to talk about how to prepare tooth-friendly snacks and meals. Baby teeth can last up to 13 years, so you can help your child develop good oral habits early.

Make the Visit Educational

It’s a good idea to help encourage your child to go to the dentist by speaking in a positive voice. Tell your children that dentists are not there to lecture them, but to help them have healthy teeth. Take the opportunity to tell your children fun and interesting facts about teeth. You can also ask your dentist if you can give them a quick tour of the office to help them get used to the tools and space, if necessary. 

Teach The Importance of Healthy Teeth

This is one of the most important aspects of paediatric dentistry. Teach your children that going to the dentist is a necessity, not an option. Explain that having cavities can cause a lot of pain and stop them from having their favourite thing: ice cream. 

Create a Safety Net

The process can go much more smoothly if you eliminate the things that can cause too much stress, panic and fear. The easiest way to do this is to stay in the room and interact with the child. Try to be  careful when you say words that elicit a response like ‘hurt’ and ‘pain’. 

 You can help reduce fear by giving a safety sign, such as a hand gesture. Reassure your children that you will ask the dentist to stop for a moment when the signal is done. 

Give Positive Reinforcement

You don’t have to be overpowering with your words, but you do have to maintain a cheerful attitude. This can be a bit difficult because many parents talk about dentists in a certain way, using negative words like needle. You don’t have to lie to your children, but you can improve their experience. Make sure you don’t reward your kids with sweet treats, anything else will work fine.

Play Pretend Dentist

Imagining and pretending to play are a great way to prepare your child for the dentist because it can paint the experience. The dentist can be a strange place for children because of the sounds and smells. Playing pretend dentist can help familiarise your child with the process. It can help your children feel more comfortable having someone else touch and look at their teeth.

Give Your Children Control

Giving children  control can do wonders when they feel anxious. Parents and dentists often forget how scary it can be for a child during dental treatment. 

 You can help reduce stress by giving your child  control in a simple way. Let them direct you to the reception desk or encourage them to shake hands with the dentist. Most dentists will let your child choose the flavour of toothpaste and the music or show they want to play.

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