Unique Wedding Film Ideas You Can Try At Your Big Day 


A wedding is one of the special days in every couple’s life. Even though you spend lots of money on decorations, food, dresses, music, and more, it is crucial to add the videography to your planning list. This will help to record the entire marriage without missing anything along with the audio. The photos help to freeze the remarkable moments, but it is hard to capture everything at the occasion. But the wedding films Melbourne will cover the full ceremony, and you can store and share them with anyone easily. It is worth the investment, and whenever you watch the video in the future, this will bring you the chance to relive the moments. Continue reading to know some thoughtful marriage video ideas that you can try in your day. 

Make A Wedding Trailer 

You can ask your videographer to create a wedding trailer by adding different clips, dialogue, and music of the day. When they order the shorts chronologically, it looks perfect. They have to add the music that highlights those emotions and include the voiceover dialogue to highlight the video. You can share this with your friends and family before sharing the whole film with everyone. It is a creative idea that will surely add an edge to the marriage video. 

Save The Date Video 

Even though you have the invitation, announcing your wedding date with a short and cute video sounds awesome. You can add a few favorite pictures of you and your partner, tweak the date and add the venue in the template. Also, personalize it with the themes and colors of your wedding to make it more fantastic. You could share the clip with everyone, and this is an impressive way of inviting people. While making it with stop-motion, it will look more interesting to watch. So, recommend this to your videographer before the marriage when you hire them. 

Proposal Video 

The love proposal is the base of your life with your partner, so recreating it at the same place with the same clothes will be breathtaking. Ask your videographer to capture your proposal and ensure to express it in the same way as to how you did first. This can be more wonderful and helps to mark the memories forever. Also, it will bring everyone the chance to know how the love story begins, and also you can make a video of the first meeting. 

Same-Day Edit Video 

The same-day edit videos are the wedding getting-ready or events films that are edited and shared during the reception. It is an incredible keepsake that can keep your guests more entertained and happier. Ensure to check if the expert shoots the whole wedding and create a short clip with special moments. This is also an additional interactive element with your family and friends. Don’t forget to explain everything to your videographer before the wedding as you will be busy during the day. 

Last Few Lines

 Adding the above interesting wedding films Melbourne ideas can make your bridal occasion more unforgettable. To achieve unique ideas, you should hire the best videographer who is skilled and has several years of experience in the profession. It will bring you the chance to get the perfect and thoughtful videos that you expected.