How to clean the carpet with easy steps


Carpet takes lots of abuse from shoes, spills, pets, etc. carpet is a friendly thing that can be used for many purposes. So it is important to keep your carpet clean at all times. A clean carpet always represents a clean house and it makes an elegant look. To maintain your carpet, you definitely need to know how to keep it clean well. A frequently cleaned is free from disease-causing gems and other allergenic gems. The following article will outline the easy key steps for cleaning your carpet at home and connect with Carpet restoration Melbourne.

Vacuum the Carpet Room:

Vacuuming the room shortly before embarking on a carpet cleaning exercise is essential to remove debris and loose dirt such as hair, dust, leftover food items, and soil particles. That loose dirt may fall from the rest of the room to the carpet if you choose to vacuum the carpet. Vacuuming the whole room is advisable to get the pure carpet.

Using Baking Soda:

Baking soda is an excellent option to get a wonderful output. In a small bowl, mix one to one mixture of salt and baking soda. The salt may be table salt or any other. Fill the appropriate spray bottle with cold water and sprinkle it on the carpet. Just wipe the mixture and allow it to dry and remove the stains. 

Using Clean Cloth and Brush:

It can be used to perform preliminary cleaning before carrying out actual cleaning with other effective methods such as steam cleaning or normally clean with hot water. Just spray with a cleaning solution and scrub by using the brush from the center to the edges of the carpet. The cloth is soaked in clean water and rinsed before using it to wipe all the areas cleaned by the brush.

Using the Best Natural Carpet Cleaner:

Grabbing a bottle of Castile liquid soap is another amazing way to naturally clean your carpet. This soap is very suitable because it is non-toxic, yet it is powerful enough to remove dirt and other debris from the carpet. You can use the carpet using a mixture of water and a few drops of soap. Just use the clean cloth and scrub with this solution to get the fresh and expected carpet.

Dry the carpet Fast:

To make your carpet dry faster, you need to get good airflow through your room. Open all the windows and doors to let air flow into the room. Just use the electric fan in the room to speed up the drying time. Make sure the carpet dries out completely within 24 hours to avoid any mold from forming.


Carpet cleaning is no longer a difficult job as it used to be. Machines do the hard part of the cleaning job. Regardless of any method you choose to clean your carpet, always consider environmental conservation. You need to deep clean your carpet now and then is the best idea to maintain the clean carpet. Just visit Carpet restoration Melbourne for more. Hope you got some idea about cleaning now.